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October 2022 Newsletter



Linwood Sawmill News

What’s happening this October down at Linwood Sawmill…

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National Timber Expo

This month we attended the Timber Expo which was part of UK Construction week at the NEC in Birmingham.

We wanted to understand what changes are coming in our industry and what this means for us and you.

One of the biggest discussion points was the measurement of embodied carbon within timber in the UK supply chain, the new proposed regulations will be a challenge for all in the UK, whether you are a sawmill making timber products, a bespoke house builder or an end user working with architects.

A talk given by Charlie Law, Sustainability Director for Timber Development UK in which he delivered details of what the new proposed regulations were, why they are coming and some of the potential benefits & challenges we could face. The Q&A with the audience also gave good insight, it was clear to us that there was a lack of understanding around the impacts of these changes.

As a business we are making positive steps to be ready for these changes some of which we have already done, for example measuring & managing the reduction of our own carbon footprint. We are now starting to monitor all incoming timber and log the carbon details in the timber & whole cycle carbon footprint.

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