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Imported Canadian Shakes

The premier No. 1 grade Blue Label Western Red Cedar shake for roofing and cladding. From renewable and sustainable timber sources, the Western red cedar delivers outstanding rigidity, exemplary thermal insulation and stunning beauty.

These Shakes provide a unique roofing and facade finish, while its natural qualities mean that the cedar ages to a stunning silver colour over time.

Hand-split from a cedar block along the natural grain, and then re-sawn, the shake exhibits a beautiful rough-hewn texture that lends itself to a variety of unique build projects such as the Alton Towers Wicker Man, and to restorations.

Its striking appearance, and the stunning silver hue it develops with age, makes it highly sought after for even simple residential roofing and cladding. The product is supplied by the bundle and comes in random widths, and only the top grade is supplied.

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