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Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal – 4 Pack FSC®Certified

  • Premium grade 100% natural FSC® Certified lumpwood charcoal
  • Used in restaurants, graded for large pieces to ensure consistent high heat
  • 90 minute burn time
  • Quick to light, ready to cook within 30 minutes
  • Burns cleanly with no additives
  • Ideal for home BBQs


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  • 4 individual bags of FSC® Certified instant light lumpwood charcoal
  • Ready to cook in just 15-20 minutes
  • No need for starting fuels
  • Up to 1 hour cooking time
  • Clean and easy to use, packed in dust proof bags
  • Simply light the bag

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Collection from our merchant store or we can deliver with your log order.

Additional information

Dumpy Bags

1 Bag, 2 Bags, 3 Bags

Please check we deliver to your area before ordering.

We offer free delivery for our firewood with all orders over £100.

The postcodes we deliver to are within a 20mile radius of Linwood Sawmill, the postcodes are:


Our delivery vehicle is a long wheelbase tipping Ford Transit, our logs will be loaded onto our van in special drying bags and then tipped loose onto your property or as near to it as possible (subject to ease of access to your property). Our delivery drivers will bring the bags back for us to re-fill & re-use for the next delivery.

We recommend that you place a tarp onto the area where the logs will be delivered, whilst we take care to clean the logs when they are split some small bits will be in the bags – by the way those bits make good kindling!

What if it’s raining when we make the delivery? Well, as long as the logs are stacked away in a dry place within a day they will only be damp on the surface and not effect the burning quality of our kiln dried logs. Just a little note to say although our kiln dried logs have been certified by the Ready to Burn scheme we can’t be responsible for the weather so please do stack them away in a dry place as soon as you can after delivery.

You can also collect your logs from our sawmill, we can help load with our forklift onto trailers / vans etc.